Utah Governor Comes Out Against State's Medical Marijuana Initiative

Utah is set to vote this November on whether or not to legalize medical marijuana, but if the state's governor has his way, it will not succeed.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert said in a statement yesterday that he does not support a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana that will most likely be available in the upcoming November elections. Herbert says he thinks the initiative goes too far and could open up the door for recreational use.

“We need to be cautious as we test and introduce cannabis into our formulary,” Herbert said. “I believe the consequences of this initiative, even if they are unintended, will do more harm than good.”

Utah's legislature recently passed a very limited medical marijuana law that would allow doctors to prescribe cannabis to patients with six months or less left to live. The state will begin setting up the regulations for how that will work next month.

The Utah Patients Coalition, the group behind the medical marijuana initiative, says they've collected enough signatures to get the issue on the ballot this November. Previous polls show around 75 percent of Utahans support medicinal cannabis, so there's a high likelihood the initiative will pass. Even Herbert said earlier this year he believed the state would eventually legalize medical marijuana. 

So Herbert can complain all he wants, but he'll probably end up on the losing side.

(h/t Salt Lake Tribune)


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