If you and your partner are having issues in the bedroom, then your cell phone may be to blame.

A new study found that 75 percent of Americans bring their cell phone to bed with their partner. As a result, Americans are spending about three days per week watching separate screens from their partners while in bed. 93 percent said they keep their phone within an arm's reach while in bed, and 10 percent said they even keep it under their pillow.

And it's definitely having a negative affect on relationships.

55 percent of respondents said they believe they're missing out on quality time with their partner due to phone usage in bed. And another 35 percent said their sex life has been impacted by phone use in the bedroom as well. And one-third of people said they've actually had conversations with their partners about phone usage in bed.

Perhaps most concerning is that 25 percent of respondents said that the last thing they see before they close their eyes to sleep is their phone, not their partner.

So if you want to improve your relationship, maybe it's time to keep the phones away from the bed.

(h/t SWNS)