This Map Shows Which U.S. States Have the Most STDs

If someone were to ask you which state has the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases, where would you say? California, the home of hippies and the free love movement? Or what about Nevada, the home of Sin City? Or maybe a super-religious southern state where the schools don't teach kids about condoms and safe sex?

Well lucky for us, the folks over at compiled the data on STDs in America and ranked all 50 states. They then threw that information into one easy to digest map. Take a look: 

std usa map

Alaska coming up at number one is a bit of a surprise. You'd think since it's so cold up there, people would just stay bundled up in winter clothing all year long. But I guess if it's cold all year long, you also can't go outside which means you have to find activities indoors.

Also, the "Bible Belt" is pretty dark red, confirming the hypothesis about not teaching safe sex. 

If you put money on Utah finishing in last place, you would've been pretty close. They finished 46th. Meanwhile New Hampshire and Vermont finished 49th and 50th, respectively. In fact, almost all of New England finished in the bottom 10 of STD rates. So either they're really responsible up their or no one's having sex.

For more in-depth information about each state's STD rates, head over to


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