University of Florida Publishes Hilarious Editorial Saying the School Has 'a Serious Marijuana Problem'

College newspapers aren't known for having the greatest opinion or editorial pages. So when the University of Florida's newspaper, The Alligator, published an editorial called "UF has a serious marijuana problem," you wouldn't be blamed if you thought it was going to be another half-baked argument against cannabis. But you would be very wrong, in a good way!

The marijuana editorial was published after rapper Snoop Dogg, a well-known lover of all these cannabis, performed at the University of Florida. During his performance, Snoop apparently pulled out a joint and began smoking on state. This led the editorial writer (who is not named) to discuss the issue of marijuana use on the UF campus.

The writer said, "According to a University of Michigan study, one in 17 college students smoke pot on a near-daily basis, which they define as at least 20 times a month. Now, let’s be generous and assume and equate that to 30 joints a month (because one joint a sitting is never enough for some of you)." He then posited that about 3,058 Florida students smoked 30 joints a month. Snoop Dogg, they noted, claims to smoke 80 joints a day, and that it would take 38 Snoop Doggs to outsmoke the entire UF student body.

This led the writer to say, "This is an abysmal situation for UF to be in. That is to say, we have some serious catching up to do."

They argued that "any credible university should be out-smoking Snoop Dogg by at least two orders of magnitude, not the measly 1.58 we’re at now." And that students need to step up their marijuana smoking if they want to succeed.

They finished their editorial by offering up some advice. They wrote, "Spread the word. Attend parties and pass around that joint. Always bring a lighter, just in case someone forgets. Learn how to roll a joint; turn every social gathering into a teaching moment. Get informed. Write a letter to your local congressman. Do some research."

You should definitely read the full editorial. It's almost Onion-level funny.


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