8 Unintentionally Hilarious Anti-Cannabis Ads

Last week the internet was buzzing about a bizarre anti-marijuana ad featuring a loveable character the internet named "Stoner Sloth", who tried to sway Australians away from cannabis with tired stereotypes.

The advertising agency behind the ad, Saatchi & Saatchi, defended the ad by explaining teenagers, apparently unable to think critically at all, were the target. No doubt the half a million dollar price tag the agency charged the New South Wales government was also cause for defending their swing and a miss.

But stoner sloth is hardly the only head-scratcher when it comes to anti-cannabis advertising. Here are eight more times governments, Madison Avenue, and cannabis collided in confusing or just amusing public-service announcements.

1. Loser

I don't condone teens smoking pot, but as a 13-year-old I totally would've hung out with these guys.

2. Pot doctor is in

I'm not saying you'd want your doctor to be high, but you wouldn't want your doctor to be drunk, uneducated, or just generally a moron either.

3. Martial arts mistakes

Apparently this guy toked a month ago and forgot how to Karate.

4. Ninja Turtles munchies

Good comeback, kid.

5. Lindsay's best friend

Who doesn't want a talking dog?

6. Flat Friend

Keep trying those stereotypes, advertisers, maybe one will stick.

7. Skateboards and statistics

Anti-cannabis PSA's, shocking suburbia for nearly three decades.

8. Drug dealer turns into a literal snake

Your guess is as good as mine.


Prime Minister-designate Boris Johnson has dabbled with illicit drugs in the past, but reforming the United Kingdom's antiquated cannabis laws probably won't be part of his future. On Monday it was officially announced that MP Boris Johnson had been elected as Leader of the Conservative Party, which means he will succeed outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May as the head of government. Johnson is expected to take a different approach to politics than his predecessor, but anyone hoping that he will push for national cannabis reform probably shouldn't hold their breath.

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