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The 5 Most Unexpected Places Cannabis Has Been Found In The UK

The UK's stringent laws surrounding cannabis cultivation have forced some illegal growers to get pretty creative when it comes to location - and the BBC has rounded up some of the oddest. From an abandoned nuclear bunker to a multi-million dollar, Downton Abbey-style mansion - here are some of the strangest places people have put their plants.

1. WWII-era tunnels

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In November 2013, the BBC reported that a total of 885 plants were seized in the Drakelow Tunnels, in Worcestershire, leading to two men being found guilty of assisting in the production of cannabis, and sentenced to jail time. The tunnels, originally used as a factory to manufacture aircraft engine parts during the war, were identified as a possible government base in the event of a nuclear attack, and used by the Ministry of Supply through the 1950s for storage. You can see why the plants went unnoticed for some time - the 285,000 square foot network of tunnels covers an area of approximately three miles.

2. A luxury mansion

Last year, the Wisbech Standard posted a gallery of eye-popping images from a million-pound mansion that was used for a "highly sophisticated" growing operation containing more than 1,000 cannabis plants and seven growing rooms. Described as a "maze" of air filtration systems, electrical wires, and lights, three-storey property, known as Wendreda House, suffered mildew and moisture damage. The set-up was discovered and two men were arrested on suspicion of producing cannabis.

3. A shipping container

In 2013, the Daily Mail reported on the case of the intrepid Adrian James, a father-of-two who managed to do two remarkable things: a) bury a shipping container in his backyard using a backhoe and b) grow cannabis estimated to be worth more than £80,000 in the secret bunker, linked to his home by 16-foot secret tunnel.

4. Next door to police headquarters

See the white building to the right? Yes, the one right beside the building cleared marked as the South Wales Police HQ. As the BBC reported in 2014, that building was the unlikely site of a "huge" cannabis factory. Neighbours expressed "shock" at the fact that it "could have been going on for a number of years, [given that] literally you could throw a brick from the back of this unit and it would land in the police station, it's that close."

5. A pub

According to Guardian reports, a 58-year-old man was arrested after police discovered a secret door concealed behind a bookcase in The Joker, a pub in in Cameron Road, Seven Kings. Police found about 250 plants and "an elaborate lighting and irrigation system". Since then, it seems, the pub's license has been reinstated.

h/t BBC, Guardian, Ilford Recorder, The Daily Mail, Wisbech Standard.


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