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8 Most Unexpected Celebrities Who've Invested in Cannabis

With marijuana becoming legal in more and more states, many people are rushing to invest in the industry. And obviously this includes many celebrities who have plenty of money to put into cannabis. And while celebrities like Snoop Dogg or Willie Nelson may not be surprising to see investing in marijuana, there are others that will leave you shaking your head.

Here are the eight most unexpected celebrities who’ve invested in cannabis:

1. Dick Wolf

You probably know Dick Wolf as the guy whose name is always shown at the start of the credits for Law & Order. And despite making tv shows about people who catch criminals for a living, Wolf has invested in the cannabis industry. Wolf is an investor in DigiPath, a company that tests marijuana and helps provide data to the cannabis industry.

2. Nick Lachey

The former boy band singer and ex-husband of Jessica Simpson was a big supporter of a 2015 ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in Ohio. Although that’s probably because his farm would’ve been one of 10 farms allowed to grow marijuana in the state, so that was mostly for personal reasons.

3. Oscar Robertson

Oscar Robertson was the last NBA player to average a triple-double (meaning averaging double digit points, rebound and assists per game) before Russell Westbrook accomplished the feat two years ago. In 2015 Robertson also invested money into the Ohio initiative to legalize marijuana, which ultimately failed.

4. Gene Simmons

The legendary rocker from Kiss claims he’s never smoked marijuana in his entire life. And yet Simmons has invested $10 million in a Canadian cannabis grower. So he may not want to smoke it, but he’s glad other people do.

5. Mike Tyson

The former heavyweight boxer and star of the Hangover movies, Tyson isn’t necessarily someone you’d associate with marijuana. But the boxer says he’s quit drinking and relies on marijuana to help deal with the many physical injuries he received during his career.

6. Richard Branson

Branson hasn’t invested money into the cannabis industry, but he’s invested tons of energy into cannabis reform. Branson works with the Global Commission on Drug Policy to convince nations to decriminalize marijuana, and is a frequent critic of politicians who push prohibitionist policies, such as former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

7. Jimmy Buffett

Buffett strangely enough has actually made statements in the past opposing marijuana legalization. However he must’ve changed his mind as this year he licensed his Coral Reefer brand to a medical marijuana company. So it won’t just be cheeseburgers he’ll be enjoying in paradise.

8. Whoopi Goldberg

Depending on how familiar you are with comedian Whoopi Goldberg, you may or may not know that she’s actually a frequent marijuana user. So it may or may not shock you to find out she’s also invested in her own medical marijuana line called Whoopi and Maya Synergy, which are cannabis products made specifically for women’s health.


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