VIDEO: Unboxing the M1K Box, A $1,000 Cannabis Christmas Stash

We know it's not Christmas yet, but Santa brought a package from ClubM to the Civilized offices, and we just couldn't wait until the 25th. 

ClubM offers customers curated boxes of cannabis goodies, sent right to your door. There are a variety of different boxes, but we were fortunate enough to get our hands on the Limited Edition M1K box - the holy grail of high-end cannabis product. You can pick one up for $1,000, but it actually contains over $2,000 in amazing cannabis and cannabis-related products. Containing curated flower, edibles, rollers, dabbing tools and plenty more, it's the perfect gift for the discriminating cannabis connoisseur in your life. Watch as Civilized founder Derek Riedle unpacks the goodness. Keep your eyes peeled for gear from Bhang, PAX, Hmbldt and more. 

Has your interest been piqued? Check out ClubM's website.


After making progress on marijuana reform, the legalization movement has stalled in two New England states. Cannabis became legal in Vermont last July, but state lawmakers did not put a regulated market for marijuana in place at that time. So while adults in Vermont can possess, grow and consume cannabis, they can't buy it legally.

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