UK Politician Calls on the Country to Legalize Marijuana and Admits to Making Cannabis Tea

We tend to think that Europeans are much more enlightened about issues such as marijuana. But most countries continue to keep marijuana illegal. But now one member of the United Kingdom's parliament is calling for that to change.

Paul Flynn is an 82-year-old member of the House of Commons. In October, he introduced a bill to legalize marijuana in the United Kingdom. He also gave a fiery speech accusing the government of "culpable cowardice" and saying that because of the country's drug laws "countless people have died or suffered."

Flynn also admitted to making cannabis tea on one occasion. He met with a woman suffering from multiple sclerosis who was actively campaigning for marijuana legalization. During their meeting, Flynn supplied her with a hot cup of water so she could make some cannabis tea to help relieve her symptoms. He noted that under current laws, she could've gone to prison for seven years for making that tea, and he would've probably joined her.

But Flynn's speech didn't end there. He called upon marijuana legalization advocates in the UK to go to parliament and start smoking marijuana. He said the only way to get the government to act would be to force the police to make mass arrests right on their front doorstep.

“I know that Members are not supposed to do this, but I call on people to break the law, to come here and use cannabis and see what happens—to challenge the authorities to arrest them," Flynn said. "That is the only way to get through to the Government’s mind, which is set in concrete. The law is evidence-free and prejudices rich.”

If only the United States national government had politicians as passionate about changing marijuana laws as Paul Flynn.

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