UK Man Caught Mailing £1,000 Of Weed Because He Didn't Smell-Proof His Parcel

A would-be cannabis smuggler got busted when the tell-tale smell of marijuana drew suspicions at the post office.

Back in 2016, 53-year-old Robert Tracey of the UK was caught trying to mail a significant amount of cannabis. At first, law enforcers weren't able to identify the source of the suspicious parcel because Tracey processed it through a self-service kiosk and didn't include his return address. So investigators got creative.

After reviewing security tapes, they saw him mailing the illegal parcel as well as another one containing £1,000 in cash instead of weed. He included his return address on the second parcel, so when officials tracked it down, they figured out where to find the culprit. 

Tracey originally pleaded ignorance, claiming that he mailed the package for someone else and didn't know the contents because he "had nose problems." He has since pleaded guilty to the offence. Now he faces 21-months in prison for one count of money laundering, two for possession of illegal property and another for distributing a class B drug.

So if Tracey really didn't have a good nose, he should adopt a drug dog when he gets out of prison.

H/T: Chronicle Live

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