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Cannabis Oil Use in the UK Has Doubled in the Past Year

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound in marijuana that produces many of the healing benefits commonly associated with the drug. It can also be sold and used on its own legally in many places where cannabis is illegal. And it turns out the people of the United Kingdom are loving it.

According to the Cannabis Trades Association UK, about 250,000 people in the United Kingdom used some form of CBD oil in 2017. That's twice the number of users from 2016, which was 125,000. They also estimate that there are 1,000 new CBD oil users in the UK every month. Another interesting note from the organization was that 65 percent of CBD oil users in the UK were women.

CBD can be used to treat a number of conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation and many more. In the United Kingdom CBD can be consumed legally as long as the product does not contain THC, the chemical in marijuana that allows users to get high.

Last October the United Kingdom allowed for sales of CBD, but a few weeks after the announcement backtracked and said that manufacturers need to obtain a certain medical license in order to sell the product. Some have gotten around this requirement but claiming their CBD supplement is a "food product," and avoiding the need for a license. CBD oil is still not legal in Scotland.

Despite the perception that Europeans are more progressive than Americans, marijuana remains illegal in many of these countries, including the UK. But perhaps this story shows that the people's attitudes are changing quickly and we might see some changes across the pond just like we're seeing here in the States.

(h/t Daily Mail)


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