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Ugly Weed Sweaters For Every Cannabis Consumer This Christmas

'Tis the season for ugly sweater parties, and if you're looking for something to express your love of Christmas and cannabis, you're in luck. Amazon has no shortage of ugly sweaters for anyone who wants to wear their heart for weed on their sleeves.

For People Who Love Subtlety

Screen Shot 2017 12 01 at 2.43.30 PM

If you hang out with an unobservant crowd, you might go the whole night without anyone noticing the jolly marijuana leaves mixed in with the choo-choo trains and gingerbread men in this sweater. 

For People Who Hate Subtlety

Screen Shot 2017 12 01 at 2.45.22 PM

If subtlety isn't your thing, this is the sweater for you. The stylized bongs and pot leaves couldn't scream "I love toking" more unless the sweater itself were woven from pot smoke. 

For the Cheeky Consumer

Screen Shot 2017 12 01 at 2.47.43 PM

This sweater is perfect for people who are flirting with coming out of the cannabis closet.

For the Horror Fan

Screen Shot 2017 12 01 at 2.49.10 PM

If Freddy Krueger started using medical marijuana to treat the pain from his severe burns, he'd probably rock this sweater around the holidays. 

For Lovers of Puns

Screen Shot 2017 12 01 at 2.50.47 PM

We see what you did there.

For Pun Lovers Who Also Dig Irony

Screen Shot 2017 12 01 at 2.52.01 PM

Don't let the pun fool you. This sweater is made out of fleece, not wool. 

For Dabbers

Screen Shot 2017 12 01 at 2.59.17 PM

If you wonder why this sweater was lumped in with the other weed sweaters, just count the number of points on the snowflakes around Santa's belt. That's right: they're frozen pot leaves. 

For Couples Meeting Under the Mistletoke 

Screen Shot 2017 12 01 at 3.23.18 PM

The perfect sweater for a festive smooch from Mary Jane.

For Peanuts Fans

Screen Shot 2017 12 01 at 3.24.53 PM

A cannabis spin on the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. 

For Victims of the Munchies

Screen Shot 2017 12 01 at 3.33.13 PM

This sweater knows that milk and cookies aren't enough to sleigh those cannabis-induced cravings. So bring us some sticky-icky pudding.


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