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Two Thirds Of Cannabis Consumers Enjoy Buds With Suds

It’s common to relax with cannabis, or alcohol, but people are increasingly choosing to kick back with both. And the preferred concoction to mix with your marijuana? That’d be the sudsy, malty beverage known as beer.

The 2018 Civilized Cannabis Culture Poll, conducted by the marketing firm PSB, showed that for cannabis consumers who like to drink and toke, the preferred poison is beer. 

64 per cent of American cannabis consumers that like to drink prefer to mix their weed with an ice cold beer when they get home after a long day at work.

Almost half of them also enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine with their marijuana, but beer was significantly more popular.

2 per cent of Canadians also prefer to drink something that’s not beer, wine, cocktails, hard liquor or cider. What is it, guys? What are you drinking?

It seems that companies are starting to take note of these trends by looking into ways to combine the two without the FDA getting up in arms.

Sensing that people are getting a little tired of juggling their drinks and joints, a number of brewers and growers are looking into the possibility of cannabis-infused beers. There are a few kinds already on the market, but for the most part, they either focus on one drug or the other, not both.

The inventor of Blue Moon beer, in Colorado, recently announced a series of three cannabis based brews. The drinks contain no alcohol, but the THC high mimics the effects of alcohol without the hangover.

Another brewer, Lagunitas Brewing in California, has used THC-free cannabis to enhance the flavour of their IPA without the psychoactive effects. So basically, it’s just beer that has a hempy flavour.

That being said, there are probably a few good reasons why organizations are steering clear of mixing the two. While it is possible to drink and smoke safely, the combination of drugs can have more negative effects than when used separately.


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