Two Men Were Caught Selling Marijuana And Meth Out Of An Ice Cream Truck In Long Beach

Two men from Long Beach, California were arrested recently for allegedly selling marijuana and meth out of an ice cream truck. 

George Sylvester Williams, 57, and Monti Michael Ware, 41, were busted Sunday afternoon on suspicions of dealing drugs out of an ice cream truck. Police spokesperson Arantxa Chavarria said narcotics detectives discovered methamphetamine, marijuana and a loaded revolver after searching the vehicle.

Both men have since been charged with possessing a controlled substance for sale. Ware will also face charges as an ex-felon caught with a firearm.

Police have not disclosed why they became suspicious of the vehicle, which looks harmless from a distance, so we assume that it must have been selling ice cream flavors like 'Chocolate Chip Cookie Dope' and 'Pralines and Crank.' 

h/t Press-Telegram


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