Twitter Reacts To The Inauguration Of President Donald Trump (Yes, It's Real Now)

After a long and rancorous election in 2016, it seems only fitting that President Donald Trump - who is already one of the most divisive figures in political history - also had arguably the most divisive Inauguration Day. At least on social media. Here are some highlights from Twitter's reaction to the Inauguration Day proceedings 

There were hopes for a Hillary Insurgency.

Or a last-minute rescue courtesy of Bruce Willis.

Or a gaffe resulting in a Mormon coup.

Others thought a coup had already happened. Will Trump make Russia great again?

Trump's inclination - let alone competence - to do the job was called into question.

Some wondered if the clock was already ticking on Trump's early exit from the Oval Office. 

The Daily Show predicted Trump's next "crooked media" rant. 

Amateur mind readers tried to guess former First Lady Michelle Obama's thoughts.

But we really want to know what George Bush and Hillary Clinton were thinking while avoiding eye contact.


A lot of viewers didn't care for the prayers opening the ceremony.

Others wondered if the inauguration would lead to mass conversions.

The historic nature of the event wasn't overlooked.

Some had even been counting down the seconds until this day.

The anti-establishment rhetoric in Trump's speech went over well with his supporters.

At least a few non-supporters were cautiously optimistic about the new administration.

And some complimented Trump's speech.

Others vetted the 45th president's first address in real time. 

It was a big day for irony. 

Seriously, nothing slipped by social media's fact checkers.

Or viewers wowed by seeing democracy in action - even if they don't like the results.

But we can't forget that many did. So we'll let them have the last word to enjoy their special day.

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