Twitter Is Pretty Meh About The New iPhone

By now, millions of Apple die-hards have braved store lineups, breathlessly tracked their packages, and performed ritual sacrifices to get their hot little hands on the iPhone 6S and 6S+. The new iPhone, which hit stores today, is the same size as last year's model, but with a smaller battery, 3D Touch display, and something called a Taptic Engine.

With 12 million to 13 million units expected to sell over the weekend, there's a sense of cautious optimism in the air:

Although some have already had their illusions shattered:


But some customer services reps are in a REALLY bad mood:

And others were just freaking about about the appearance of the iPad-Segway-robot in Sydney, Australia.

As always, the hype surrounding this new release rapidly gives way to speculation about the *next* big thing. / @slipUa_Mickey, / @1crysrenee , / @mrsneakersatatt , / @seamus



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