Twitter Has Some Choice Words to Say About the Woodstock 50 Lineup

The lineup for the 50th anniversary revival of the original Woodstock festival has officially been announced, and the reaction is mixed to say the least.

With expectations set high and with such an immense legacy to live up to, any line up that festival organizers came up with would have been bound to disappoint. The original Woodstock, after all, means a lot of different things to a lot of people. Having been mythologized in the public imagination half a century, it would have been nearly impossible to have lived up to the hype.

After the announcement poster was released on Tuesday, people took to Twitter to give their initial thoughts, commenting on the choices, and picking apart every detail.

Much of the criticism stemmed from disagreement about what kind of music a Woodstock festival should feature.  

Others drew some premature comparisons to the disastrous 1999 incarnation of the festival, which was infamously marred by violence, sexual assault and fires.

Many suggested that the lineup was indicative of the changing state of music as a whole, and that the rock and folk music that defined the original Woodstock no longer dominates the pop culture landscape.

Consequently, the line-up was perceived by many to be an unsuccessful attempt to please everyone, choosing the safe acts from every genre and generation in hopes of not alienating any potential fan base.

There were, to be sure, few hot takes thrown in the mix as well.

While others sill opted for some good old-fashion sarcasm to show their displeasure.

But, as one user was quick to point out, there were some very practical reasons why a complete recreation of the original Woodstock festival would be impossible. 

The three-day festival will take place August 16-18, on the same dates as the 1969 original. Tickets have yet to go on sale.


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