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'Sesame Street' Once Parodied 'Twin Peaks', And It Was...Unsettling

Twenty-five years after its last episode aired, David Lynch and Mark Frost's seminal TV series 'Twin Peaks' is returning to the airwaves. Enormously influential on today's wave of so-called 'Prestige TV', the series follows the bizarre happenings in a small town rocked by the mysterious murder of prom queen Laura Palmer. The show's blend of surreal dreamscapes, soapy melodrama and eerie horror made 'Peaks' a surprise watercooler hit long before shows like 'Lost' and 'The Sopranos' dominated the cultural landscape - but the most surprising show it influenced may have been 'Sesame Street'.

Yes, that 'Sesame Street'.

In an instalment of 'Monsterpiece Theatre', Cookie Monster takes over for Kyle Maclachlan's Agent Dale Cooper and investigates the mysterious town of 'Twin Beaks.' There are plenty of sly references to the original show (see, for instance, David Finch), and while the results are ostensibly kid-friendly, there's no denying that the town's double-beaked residents are...kinda creepy. Check it out:

This wouldn't be the last time Sesame Street spoofed a TV show for grown-ups - other efforts include '30 Rocks', 'Mad Men' and 'Sons of Poetry'. There's even an homage to Samuel Beckett.

The third season of 'Twin Peaks' premieres Sunday, May 21 on Showtime. Catch up while you can, or you might be left feeling like Homer Simpson:

Banner Image: Bagogames/Flickr and Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.


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