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Twilight’s Last Gleaming: 10 Spots For Unforgettable American Sunsets

The service at the Oasis restaurant in Austin, Texas was average. The food equally so. But we weren't there to savor supper. That night, the main course was the sunset off Lake Travis. Just before dusk, a server clanged the bell to call us to the deck, where we watched the day's glorious swan song.

That's why the owners advertise the time of sunset every day on their website.

The Oasis is great - but there are many amazing destinations to catch the evening's splendour in America. Here's a list of ten must-see spots.

The Grand Canyon


The five million visitors to this famous national park would be wise to delay their return trips long enough to watch the evening sky paint the sprawling rocks in a tapestry of light.

Hawaii...all of it

Jackie Finn-Irwin/flickr

If Hawaiians could export sunsets, they'd be the wealthiest state. The Aloha State is filthy rich with with beautiful vistas, offering visitors a chance to watch silhouetted palm trees sway as the daylight fades away.

Big Sur, California


Jack Kerouac's old haunt offers many great spots to catch the sunset, but the experience at Pfeiffer Beach is unique. The rock formation on the coast contains a hole that the sun passes through as it creeps below the horizon. It truly offers a gateway to tomorrow.

Tierra Del Mar, Oregon


Oregon's best kept secret may be the Beaver State's sunsets. Visitors can comb the beaches for agates as the blazing light reflects warmly off the crystalline waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Coors Field, Denver

Geoff Livingston/flickr

Colorado Rockies fans can sit back between innings and savour Mother Nature's in-game entertainment as the Colorado sun ignites the Rocky Mountains.

Denali National Park, Alaska

US Dept of Agriculture/flickr

The sun sets serenely as it slips behind majestic Mount McKinley--the highest mountain peak in North America.

Marymoor Velodrome, Seattle

Dave Sizer/flickr

When visiting the Evergreen State, cycling enthusiasts should stop by the Marymoor Velodrome. The outdoor track was a special place for cycling legend Jerry Baker, who died on September 10, 2015. While today's cyclists can't take part in his touching farewell lap, they can honour Baker by taking a spin at sunset.

Antelope Island, Utah

Shaun Fisher/flickr

After snapping photos of the free-range bison, deer, bighorn sheep and (of course) antelope that inhabit Antelope Island, be sure to check out Great Salt Lake as its waters catch fire at sundown in the Beehive State.

New York Harbour

Javier Rodriguez/flickr

Sightseers looking for the best sunset in the Big Apple should check out the Sunset Harbour Tall Ship Experience, which provides a breathtaking view of the bashful sky as it dotes on Lady Liberty.

Key West, Florida

For a raucous celebration of sundown, head to Key West: tourists from around the world head to Mallory Square two hours before sunset to enjoy local musicians, street performers, food vendors and the spectacle of nightfall in the Sunshine State


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