Turns Out Smoking Cannabis Improves Your Memory: New Study

Despite a number of studies that show cannabis consumption may damage your memory, a new study is suggesting just the opposite.

A group of researchers from the University of Florida recently published a study showing that smoking marijuana may actually improve working memory. The researchers split a group of 32 rats and had them preform a pair of delayed response tests, where the rats would pull a lever and a food pellet would be release. The rats first performed this task sober, and then after having inhaled cannabis smoke.

"Cannabis smoke improved working memory accuracy," the study's authors noted. Meanwhile, "placebo smoke did not affect working memory accuracy."

These findings fly in the face of much other research that suggests consuming cannabis leads to cognitive and memory deficiencies.

"The overwhelming majority of research in both animal models and human subjects shows that acute administration of cannabis and cannabinoids induces deficits in tests of cognitive function, including working memory. In contrast, the current experiments show that acute exposure to cannabis smoke enhanced working memory performance in a delayed response task in rats, particularly in females in which baseline levels of task performance were lower than those in males."

Research on the cognitive impacts of cannabis use typically don't get people to actually smoke weed. More often, researchers will have participants take a concentrated form of marijuana's psychoactive compound THC, or a synthetic version and measure the results. So the study's conclusions suggest that the cognitive impacts of cannabis may be different based on the consumption method.

H/T: Marijuana Moment


In the past few months, the stream of alarming news about the dangers of vaporizer cartridges has put some cannabis consumers on high alert. Since March, more than 2,000 people have gotten sick, and 40 people have died from illnesses related to vaping (VAPI, or vaping associated pulmonary injury). It is believed that the large majority of those who had become ill had used THC oil carts bought from illicit markets.

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