Try Not To Puke Through This Rediscovered Deleted Scene From 'The Breakfast Club'

The Criterion Collection is releasing a special edition of 'The Breakfast Club' that comes with over 50 minutes of deleted scenes — including a heart-to-heart between Claire (Molly Ringwald) and Allison (Ally Sheedy) that quickly goes awry.

At one point in the movie, Claire tried to fix Allison's unsanitary habits by giving her a lecture on the grossness of eating in the bathroom. Allison not only shrugs off the unwanted advice but almost makes Claire lose her breakfast by fishing a few chips out of the sink in the girls' washroom and eating them on the spot.

Here it is, courtesy of Vulture.

Not bad, but it's definitely not as funny as the classic weed scene.

The special release, which comes out on January 2, also features a 4K digital restoration of the film, a documentary on the movie's legacy and tons of rare interviews dating back to when your favorite Brat Packers promoted the flick that would cement John Hughes as the voice of angsty teens in the 80s. Check out the specs here.


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