Trump's Anti-Flipping Policy Applies to Coin Tosses, Apparently

Last weekend, President Donald Trump attended the annual Army-Navy football game and oversaw the coin toss to kick off the event. Except he didn't really toss the coin so much as fling it up into the air like it was a handful of confetti:

Trump hasn't explained why he took that approach to the coin toss, but his actions are consistent with his overall position on flipping. Last summer, Trump spoke out against flippers as in people - like Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen - who "flip" on their associates by providing federal investigators - like Robert Mueller - with incriminating information on their clients. Trump said flipping "almost ought to be outlawed," so he wouldn't want to get caught flipping a coin on national TV, right? Makes perfect sense for a guy who thinks getting impeached could actually be good for his reelection campaign in 2020.

Or maybe Trump flubbed the coin toss simply because he's not used to throwing around cash unless it's hush money.


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