Trump Wishes He Hadn't Picked Jeff Sessions For Attorney General

If you think Jeff Sessions was the worst possible pick for attorney general, you're not alone. Scores of cannabis activists and consumers decried the appointment of Sessions - an outspoken opponent of marijuana legalization - and now President Trump has joined their ranks by openly lamenting his decision to tap Sessions as America's top law enforcer.

Trump blasted his attorney general earlier today in a tweet responding to South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy (R), who recently said that Trump "could have picked somebody else" as attorney general.

Rather than defending the high-profile member of his administration, Trump got onboard with bashing Sessions. "I wish I did," the president tweeted after quoting Rep. Gowdy's criticism.

Of course, Trump isn't at odds with Sessions' cannabis stance. The president is venting frustration with the attorney general's decision to recuse himself from the investigation into possible collusion between Russian officials and the Trump campaign during the 2016 federal election. And this isn't the first time that Trump has vented about Sessions. Since appointing Sessions as attorney general in 2017, Trump has characterized him as "beleaguered" and has described his management of the Department of Justice as "disgraceful".

You'd almost feel bad for the former Alabama senator if he wasn't the man that cannabis consumers love to hate. After all, this is the same Jeff Sessions who said that marijuana is only "slightly less awful than heroin." And that "good people don't smoke marijuana." And even that he thought the KKK "were OK" until he found out "they smoked pot." And those are just a small sampling of his most insane quotes on cannabis.

So Sessions won't get much sympathy from cannabis connoisseurs. But if Trump's criticism is getting him down, we can recommend a pick-me-up


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