'Trump Troubadour' Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President

Former Donald Trump supporter and country singer Kraig Moss once counted himself among the president’s biggest supporters - until he felt "betrayed" by Trump's stance on drug policy.

Throughout the 2016 election campaign, Moss could often be seen singing candidate Trump’s praises – literally. He would host impromptu concerts on the streets of Owego, New York, and produced a number of independently released CDs of songs supporting the future president. Moss was also a regular at Trump rallies, attending and performing at 45 of them over the course of the campaign.

Moss’ dogged support of the candidate began when, in 2016, Moss attended a rally and had the opportunity to ask him about his stand on drug policy, stating that he had lost his own son to a heroin overdose. Trump assured him that it was going to be a major priority for him as president.

Moss' very public love affair with Trump soon ended shortly after Trump took office, however. As president, Trump pushed for the American Healthcare Act, which, had it passed, would have eliminated the mandate that Medicaid cover mental health and addiction treatment services.

In a new video from NowThis News, Moss talks about switching his allegiance from Trump to Democrat frontrunner Elizabeth Warren.

"I want to be on her team so bad," he said.

Hear Moss talk about his story and new endorsement in the full video below:


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