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Pro-Marijuana Trump Supporters Don't Want to Believe White House Created Anti-Cannabis Task Force

Last week Buzzfeed released a huge report about how the Trump administration set up a secret committee to stop marijuana legalization in the United States. But for many pro-legalization Trump supporters, the truth has been hard to swallow.

Marijuana Moment documented how pro-legalization Trump supporters have handled the news about the White House's secret marijuana committee. The reactions have ranged from "Fake News" to some pretty wild conspiracy theories.

First Marijuana Moment contacted Roger Stone, the Republican political operative who helped Donald Trump get elected and also supports marijuana legalization. Stone initially blamed White House Chief of Staff John Kelly for the committee, but then said he couldn't find any confirmation from his sources about the secret committee so he said it was all fake news.

The "Fake News" mantra is a pretty common reaction to the news, but some pro-legalization Trump supporters are coming up with wild conspiracy theories about it. One common theory is that Trump allowed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to run his anti-marijuana committee in return for Sessions either stopping or interfering with the Mueller investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia.

An even wilder theory, put forth by cartoonist Scott Adams among others, says that Trump created the secret marijuana committee so that it would get exposed! The theory basically says that Trump wants to fire Sessions for not getting involved in the 2016 election investigation, but he knows doing so would cause a ton of backlash from people accusing the president of meddling into the investigation. So he allowed the committee because he knew it would draw more criticism to Sessions, and Trump could fire the Attorney General claiming it's about his misguided beliefs about marijuana. Thus, he wouldn't receive the backlash.

Of course, that theory assumes the president can actually create an elaborate plan like that, which is very much in doubt.

It's become increasingly clear that despite Trump's positive words about marijuana legalization, he actually doesn't care about the issue at all and is more than happy to let his anti-marijuana staffers wage their war against cannabis. There's no conspiracy there.

(h/t Marijuana Moment)


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