Report Says Trump is Considering Replacing Jeff Sessions With Someone Just as Anti-Marijuana

Over the past few weeks, rumors have floated that President Donald Trump is considering removing Attorney General Jeff Sessions from office. While that may seem like good news for marijuana fans, you may want to hold your horses.

Vanity Fair released an article yesterday about President Trump's desires to replace several members of his cabinet. Sessions was mentioned as one of the members that Trump is most eager to fire, and they also named his most likely replacement: Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt.

So what would Pruitt replacing Sessions mean for the fate of marijuana laws? Well, it's not good. Before running the EPA, Pruitt was the Attorney General for Oklahoma. One of his most notable achievements was filing a lawsuit, along with the attorney general of Nebraska, against the state of Colorado for legalizing marijuana. In another instance, Pruitt changed the language of a medical marijuana ballot initiative in Oklahoma to make it sound like it would legalize the drug recreationally as well, which would lower the chances it would pass. Marijuana advocates sued Pruitt and the courts overturned his language changes. He also has written briefs in which he's stated he believes states don't have the right to contradict federal laws when it comes to controlled substances.

All this is to say that Scott Pruitt replacing Jeff Sessions as Attorney General would probably not be an improvement.

But, at the same time, it honestly couldn't be much worse.

(h/t Vanity Fair and Marijuana Moment)


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