Trump Protestors Have A New Twist On Selling Their Votes

People have been cashing in on the anti-Trump movement with t-shirts, buttons and even toilet paper. But one enterprising duo has a different approach: holding their vote hostage.

"Give me one dollar or I'm voting TRUMP," reads the sign held up by two guys working the streets of America. For emphasis, the letters in The Donald's surname ooze bloody red ink. If you pay the $1 fee, they'll pose for a picture with you and the placard.

So how is business? 

"I just started traveling the U.S. about three months ago and I've made around 12 grand," said one of the guys, who would only identify himself to CNN as Josh from Ohio. 

"That's 12 grand tax-free," said his partner, who identified himself as "just a regular tall black guy." 

The two were last spotted with the sign outside of the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan's Columbus Circle. But the two plan to keep the show on the road, so you might see them pop up in a city near you this summer.

Check out CNN's interview with them as well as two marketers promoting "Trump huts" -- orange hovels made of Hawaiian grass skirts. 

Banner Image: Candidate for President of the United States, Donald Trump, at a press conference. (a katz /


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