Trump Proposes New Policy That Everyone Should Actually Get Behind

President Trump's call to make Daylight Saving Time permanent is one policy proposal that we can actually get behind.

Political opponents are loath to agree with Trump on anything. And in fairness, he's known for talking a lot of nonsense. But he just had a great idea that just about everyone can agree with: let's stop moving the clock ahead or behind an hour every spring or fall and just keep Daylight Saving Time all year round.

Of course, a tweet doesn't carry the same force as an executive order or a bill in Congress, so it doesn't look like Trump's actually planning to do anything about making Daylight Saving permanent. But his call could still catch on in Congress, where Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) is expected to be on the verge of introducing a bill that would end the whole 'spring forward, fall back' routine across the country.

And America isn't the only country that's sick of changing the clocks twice every year. The European Union is also expected to vote on putting an end to the time change by the end of the month. Similar discussions have also been had in Canada.

Now, if you're not already onboard with the idea of abandoning the biannual time change, here are a few reasons that should change your mind. As John Oliver so eloquently pointed out, the time change was originally invented to help the German army conserve fuel during World War I, so it's not exactly a practice that is relevant anymore. In fact, Daylight Saving Time has actually been associated with an increase in energy use in recent years, as Oliver noted.

And that's not to mention all of the detrimental health effects that losing even one hour of sleep can cause. The day after the clocks jump ahead, there is a 24 per cent increase in heart attacks. There have also been reports of more traffic accidents on the day after as sleep deprivation and fast-moving objects don't mix.

So, if there are any of Donald Trump's plans that we should actually get behind, permanent Daylight Saving Time is definitely one of them.


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