Trump Might Signal The End Of The Republican Party

The Trump presidency is changing what it means to be a Republican, and not in a good way.

A new study has analyzed the effects of Trump’s early presidency on public attitudes towards the Republican Party. It hoped to discover how an unorthodox and polarizing president like Trump—with very tenuous ties to the Republican Party—would affect the party’s stature.

Most people’s dissatisfaction with Donald Trump stems from who he is as a person, so while people have been less happy with the Republican Party since his election it’s hard to say for sure whether he has caused lasting damage to their reputation. But it doesn't look great.

The study shows that in Trump’s America the cultural and generational divide between the two major parties is bigger than ever before. His presidency is creating larger age, gender and race gaps between the parties, and this could seriously hamper the sustainability of the Republican Party overall.

Trump’s approval rating has also remained quite low—below 40 percent—and if this continues (as it probably will) the Democrats have a good chance of winning control of the House.

It’s still uncertain what this means for the future of the Republican Party, but as the author says, it’s Trump’s party now, and the civil war within the party itself will likely mean the party’s days are limited.


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