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Meet Trump's Leading Candidate to Take Over the DEA

Earlier this week, DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg resigned as the head of the nation's top anti-drug agency. Rosenberg, a 2015 Obama appointee, was not a fan of medical marijuana and also butted heads with President Donald Trump. And only a few days after his resignation, we may already know who is replacement will be.

According to media reports, New Jersey State Police Superintendent Rick Fuentes is expected to be the Trump administration's choice to take over the DEA. Although no official decision has been made, Fuentes has an established relationship with the Trump administration. He's made multiple trips to the White House since the new president took over in January, and in May presented Trump with an honorary State Police badge. (Sadly, that badge is probably why Trump will choose him.)

Fuentes has run the New Jersey State Police since 2003, making him the longest-tenured superintendent in state history. He's received commendations for his response to Hurricane Sandy and for implementing reforms in the department.

But Fuentes does have some controversies in his past. In 2011 the State Troopers Fraternal Association, the largest police union in the state, gave Fuentes a vote of no confidence for his running of the department. Fuentes was also sued in 2014 for racial discrimination after unfairly targeting a minority police officer and trying to force him out of a job.

While it doesn't seem that Fuentes is as anti-marijuana as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it's pretty easy to assume that he's still not in favor of legalization and will continue the War on Drugs just as every past DEA chief. 


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