Trump Just Sent Kim Jong-Un A CD To Explain An Insult

Nobody rubs things in quite like President Donald Trump, who's notorious for slapping political enemies with insulting nicknames like 'Crooked Hilary Clinton,' 'Leakin' James Comey,' and 'Lyin' Ted Cruz.' And to make sure his sophomoric jabs aren't wasted, President Trump goes the extra distance to educate targets about his disses.

At least that's what he did recently for North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, who's been dubbed 'Rocket Man' by Trump in reference to both the dictator's determination to develop a nuclear warhead capable of striking the continental US, and to Elton John's 1972 single of the same name. And to make sure the reference wasn't lost in translation, Trump actually brought it up during his historical summit with Kim in Singapore last month.

While dining, the president exchanged pleasantries with the dictator. “Trump then asked Kim if he knew the song and Kim said ‘no,'” according to an inside source for South Korea’s Chosun Media.

So to make sure Kim understood the insult, Trump sent a special present to the North Korean leader earlier this week. "When Secretary of State Mike Pompeo left for North Korea Thursday to continue the denuclearization talks, he was carrying with him a gift from the president: A CD containing Elton John’s 'Rocket Man,' signed by Donald Trump," according to Rolling Stone.

That's like getting a douche bag signed by the guy who calls you a douche bag because he doesn't think you're smart enough to get that he's insulting you behind your back as well as in front of your face. Except instead of being the an average person, you're a short-tempered despot with the capability of nuking that jerk's overseas territories - as Kim has repeatedly threatened to do.

So it's more like if FDR called Hitler 'racist Charlie Chaplin,' then sent the Führer a signed copy of 'The Great Dictator' that said, "Your work in 'City Lights' was better."

Hopefully instead of taking the insult as a pretext to rev up North Korea's nuclear program, Kim fights fire with fire and responds to the insult by singing the Trump blimp that's set to fly over London during the president's upcoming trip to the UK.


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