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Trump's 24-Year-Old Deputy Drug Czar Resigns Over Falsified Info on His Résumé

Many people claim that members of the Trump White House are unqualified for the jobs they have. But the person who was appointed as the administration's Deputy Drug Czar may actually be the worst.

The Deputy Chief of Staff at the Office of National Drug Control Policy (colloquially known as the Deputy Drug Czar) Taylor Weyeneth resigned from his job yesterday after discrepancies arose with his résumé. Weyeneth was already a controversial appointee in the Trump administration due to his lack of experience. The 24-year-old had held no job after graduating college in May 2016 other than working on the Trump campaign prior to his appointment. And it turns out the little experience he claimed to have was mostly false.

Questions first arose around Weyeneth's qualifications after a law firm he worked at in 2015 said they had fired him for not showing up. The Washington Post then found other inconsistencies and inaccuracies in three résumés that belonged to Weyeneth. He was able to rise so highly in the Office of National Drug Control Policy because the agency has been in constant flux the past year with constant personnel turnover. Weyeneth was so important than during the recent government shutdown, he was one of three employees in the office who was deemed "essential" and had to keep working.

The biggest irony is that Weyeneth was the second highest ranking individual in the agency in charge of implementing President Trump's war against the opioid crisis. This administration is so messed up that even on projects that they're passionate about and can receive support from the public, they're still too incompetent to hire people to get the job done.

Weyeneth should not be viewed as the villain here. He's just a guy who made some mistakes and got way too deep. The real blame should be on the Trump administration for completely dropping the ball and not finding qualified staff for important positions.

And that's just the drug office! Can you imagine the type of people they have overseeing our nation's nuclear weapons or missile defense systems? 

(h/t Huffington Post)


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