White House Aide Recorded Meetings With Trump to Play to His Friends

President Donald Trump's complained several times (or several hundred times) about leaks coming out of his administration and blaming various officials for those offenses. But it turns out just about everyone could be leaking stuff out of this White House. 

A new report says that the Trump administration found out a junior aide was secretly recording meetings with the president so he could play them to friends in order to impress them. The leak last week of a member of the Trump administration making disparaging comments about John McCain were possibly a result of one of these recordings.

The Trump administration is now taking steps to avoid leaks through this method. They've begun requiring phones be put into lockers, limiting the number of attendees at meetings and even purchased scanning devices that look for any nongovernment phones. 

Of course, many people believe that President Trump himself may be the source for many his administration's leaks. The president supposedly spends hours on the phone everyday talking to friends and other associates discussing private White House business, and the content of those conversations often find themselves in the press.

Every story you hear simply adds to the Trump administration's image as a well-run and competent organization.

(h/t Business Insider)


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