Canadian Prime Minister Responds To Calls For Immediate Decriminalization

Much has been made of Justin Trudeau's promise to make Canada the first industrialized nation to legalize cannabis.

Since elected, Trudeau himself hasn't said a great deal about how legalization in Canada will work or when it will take effect. He made legalization a priority in a mandate to his justice minister, reiterated the promise in his throne speech, and appointed former Toronto police chief Bill Blair to lead the legalization efforts.

Without a timeline, some have even speculated that Trudeau has put legalization on the legislative back burner.

But he hasn't responded directly to calls by many activists for him to decriminalize immediately and end the arrests and raids that are currently happening. Until yesterday, when Trudeau responded to a tweet by user @NickBivi during an event at Twitter Canada's headquarters where the PM responded to questions about his #First100 days in office.

Here's How Trudeau responded:

Here's how Twitter responded:

Trudeau didn't expand beyond his 140 character tweet, but those who've been calling for immediate action certainly had things to say.

Of course, not all response tweets were as concerned as Dana Larsen and Graham Nicholas.

Banner Image: Premier ministre du Canada / Flickr


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