Truck Driver Spills a Mile-Long Trail of Marijuana on California Highway

An improperly secured truck gate led to a whole lot of weed spilled across a California highway recently.

On Thursday, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) say they found trail of marijuana stuffed garbage bags a mile-long down a highway in Oakland.

Police reported that they followed the breadcrumb trail of cannabis to the source of all the spilled weed. Turns out, the cannabis filled bags had fallen out of the back of a truck that did not have the gate properly secured. Luckily for  the driver, the cargo he was carrying was all legal, though police did issue him a citation for driving without a commercial license.

No accidents appear to have been caused by the masses of marijuana that feel from the truck, and most of the scattered pot has since been cleaned up.

This isn't the first time marijuana has fallen out of the back of a truck and scattered itself across a California highway. An auto accident back in December led to two barrels of illegal pot being thrown across the I-10 in Banning.

It seems like these truck drivers need a lesson or two in how to transport such precious cargo.

h/t: Miami Herald


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