Kids dressed as firemen, zombies and superheroes descended on the White House on Halloween to get candy from the first family. But the funniest costume was probably the older trick-or-treater who satirized President Barack Obama by dressing up as a duck with a bandaged head and wing. In other words, a lame duck.

But the president got such a kick out of the gentle send-up that he even called over First Lady Michelle Obama to chuckle over the gutsy costume.

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Obama also sang a little Purple Rain for a kid dressed as Prince. But he wasn't all smiles during the event. When a kid showed up dressed as Obama - wearing a suit and powdered hair - the 44th president channeled his inner Joan Rivers and criticized the outfit.

"Is this supposed to be me? Man, I'm not that gray yet," he said before a grin broke through his poker face.

Later on, Barack and Michelle boogied to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Check out these videos for more highlights from the light-hearted event.

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