Trick-or-Treater Surprises Obama With Lame Duck Costume

Kids dressed as firemen, zombies and superheroes descended on the White House on Halloween to get candy from the first family. But the funniest costume was probably the older trick-or-treater who satirized President Barack Obama by dressing up as a duck with a bandaged head and wing. In other words, a lame duck.

But the president got such a kick out of the gentle send-up that he even called over First Lady Michelle Obama to chuckle over the gutsy costume.

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Obama also sang a little Purple Rain for a kid dressed as Prince. But he wasn't all smiles during the event. When a kid showed up dressed as Obama - wearing a suit and powdered hair - the 44th president channeled his inner Joan Rivers and criticized the outfit.

"Is this supposed to be me? Man, I'm not that gray yet," he said before a grin broke through his poker face.

Later on, Barack and Michelle boogied to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Check out these videos for more highlights from the light-hearted event.

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