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A Civilized Conversation With The Trailer Park Boys

More than kitties, more than rum n’ Cokes and even more than supply and command, the Trailer Park Boys are experts on one subject: dope.

Ricky, Julian and Bubbles have their sights on the next big thing in the Great White North weed game: recreational marijuana. The trio recently announced plans to produce a cannabis line in the Atlantic region with New Brunswick-based organic producer, Organigram. Civilized caught up with the boys following the news to chat about their grass roots – growing, smoking and beyond.

Let’s talk about the first time y’all got high. How did it go down?

Bubbles: The first time we got high together was at Ricky's sixth birthday party. Ricky stole a chunk of hash from Ray. We couldn't figure out how to smoke it, so we ate it. We were pretty cooked for almost two days. 

Legend has it Ricky can grow some pretty amazing dope. When did you realize you had some natural talent in the growing department? 

Ricky: I started growing dope in Grade 5 because there was no dope around. Just started using denial and error with different soils and fertinizers. I got learnt quick – my second crop was incredible stuff.

What makes pot from your home region so good? Is there some kind of magic in the Sunnyvale soil?

Ricky: I think the soil is good. There are lots of great fertinizers, but mostly, I think it's the water. Good clean water for outdoor and hydro.

Bubbles: I think the salt air may help a bit too for outdoor crops. 

East Coast weed might be slightly underrated by stoners across the country. Do you have any thoughts on East Coast dope versus West Coast? 

Ricky: It all depends on the grower and the strain. We've had great dope from both coasts and shitty mall dope from both coasts. I would put my weed up against any weed from either coast.

Of the three of you, who’s the biggest pothead? Who’s the lightweight in the group?

Julian: Ricky is definitely the biggest pothead – he smokes five to 10 grams a day, not including edibles.  

Bubbles: Julian can hold his own, but he can't keep up to Ricky.  

Julian: Bubbles is the lightweight, but he can go head-to-head with anyone on the liquor if he needs to. 

If you could get high with any celeb, who would it be?

Ricky: It would depend on the drug. If it was weed, I’d love to smoke with Willie Nelson. If it were mushrooms or another hallucinogen, definitely with one of the Beatles. Or if it was a drug we never tried before like heroin, we'd want to do that with one of the Rolling Stones or Lou Reed. 

Which do you prefer – indicas, sativas or a little of both?

Ricky: We love sativas when we need some energy or for when we want to get shit done.  

Julian: Indicas are fun too when you want to melt into your couch and play video games or when you have nothing to do for four hours.

What’s your favourite way to smoke? Do you have any toking rituals?

Julian: Good old-fashioned joints.  

Bubbles: Or hot knives. 

Ricky: Bongs are cool too. Not really into the vaping or dabbing yet.

How many papers are in the perfect joint? I hear Julian’s a fan of the six-paper. 

Julian: A perfect sharing joint is six papers, a.k.a. “an SPJ.” If it's just a personal joint, normally two. And we always roll with filters.

When’s your favourite time of day to get high?

Bubbles: The best highs are the first joints and the last joints of the day.  

What do you like doing most when you’re stoned?

Ricky: When we're super baked, we love to play video games or shoot guns at bottles, Bubbles likes to write trucking music.

Ricky, you’ve been quoted saying ‘dope is a part of us.’ Can you tell us why you feel that way? 

Ricky: Bubbles explained to me that we're all made of stardust and they found THC on an asteroid, so we're all made of dope. But you'd have to ask Bubbles to explain it better, he knows all about space and shit. I think if more people chilled the fuck out and smoked dope, the world would be a much better place.

Victoria Dekker is an award-winning print and online journalist, covering culture, life and business in the cannabis sphere and beyond. Connect with her on Twitter @deadtowrite. 



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