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The Teaser Trailer for the Second Deadpool Movie Was Just Released

The Marvel movie “Deadpool” first earned critical and financial success for breaking records by becoming one of the highest-grossing R-rated movies. The star of the film, Ryan Reynolds, also earned more success and praise for his performance because it remained faithful to the comics. One of the reasons why “Deadpool” also earned such great reviews is because of the unconventional marketing campaign leading up to the film’s release. “Deadpool’s” offbeat nature was embraced with a daily series of viral-friendly marketing tidbits, the “12 Days of Deadpool” leading up to the release of the film’s second theatrical trailer.

Now, for the second installment of “Deadpool”, a similar unconventional marketing campaign is being embraced with the release of the new “Wet on Wet” teaser for the film. This promotional video is a parody of the old Bob Ross painting lessons on PBS, featuring the title character Deadpool wearing a Ross wig while “whacking off” his wet paintbrush against the easel from a selection of oddly named colors like “Betty White” and “Clockwork Orange”. Fortunately for “Deadpool” fans, the lessons are interrupted with actual clips from the upcoming film, which is set to release June 2018, so until then be sure to practice your painting.


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