Trailblazers: Dr. Norms

Dr. Norms is a family operated edible company that honors the founders’ parents, Dr. Norm a trusted M.D. with incredible healing powers, and their mom a “magician” in the kitchen. Roberta Koz Wilson and her brother Jeff Koz are now combining their love of cannabis with their love of their dad’s healing powers and their mom’s chocolate chip cookies by making their own cookies. The siblings baked batches of cookies until they found the perfect recipe using the best natural ingredients, including their award-winning THC extract. Each Dr. Norms cookies is infused with specific dosages of THC because one of the company’s mantras is “Know your dose.”

With their “Know your dose” philosophy, Dr. Norms hopes to break the stereotypes associated with edibles. Most people don’t consume edibles because they believe they’ll end up somewhere face down on the ground, but Dr. Norms is challenging that fear with their low doses. Every Dr. Norms cookie is dosed with 5, 10, or 25 milligrams, to provide a low dose edible experience for first-time patients, consumers with lower tolerances, and users who are micro-dosing. Dr. Norms hopes that together the taste and dosage will provide a unique and enjoyable edible experience for consumers.


What is hemp and what does it have to do with wellness? Three remarkable statements from three very different sources give some insight into the sudden surge of interest in a plant that has been grown in the U.S. for hundreds of years.

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