A Toxic Employee Will Harm a Business Even If They're a Productive Worker

We often talk about whether or not someone is "pulling their weight" in a job or company. But apparently even if someone is pulling their weight, they still might be costing a company in different ways.

A study from Harvard Business School found that even if an employee is a productive worker, if they have a toxic personality they will still cost the company money. The study defined a toxic employee as someone who doesn't care about company goals or building relationships with co-workers. Even if a toxic employee is highly productive, their personality will ruin morale, which will reduce other employees' productivity as a result. They will also cause other employees to leave the organization more frequently, which will cost a business time for replacing these other workers and money for training costs. And the presence of one toxic employee will actually lead to other employees engaging in similar behavior, which will only enhance the negative effects of a toxic employee.

So even if a toxic employee is productive, they will still be hurting the company overall.

In fact, even if a toxic employee is SUPER productive, it still hurts the company overall. The Harvard study examined if hiring a "rock star", meaning a worker who is in the top 1 percent of productivity, is worth dealing with their toxic personality. The study found that companies that avoid toxic rock star employees save about $12,489 in potential litigation and other costs, and companies get about twice as much return on investment by avoiding toxic employees as compared to hiring a toxic rock star.

So if you're getting a douchey vibe from a potential employee, you'd probably be better to avoid them no matter how impressive their résumé may be.

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