Toto Releases Cover Of Weezer’s ‘Hash Pipe,’ Because Music Doesn’t Take Itself Seriously Anymore

After Weezer took the 80s classic 'Africa' back to the Billboard charts after 35 years, Toto has returned the favor, creating enough corrosive meme energy to make the internet collapse in on itself.

Toto’s 1982 hit had been experiencing a bit of a resurgence lately even without Weezer’s help. The tune was prominently featured in recent seasons of both ‘South Park' and ‘Stranger Things.’ Interestingly, it was its use in the latter that prompted an online campaign on behalf of a teenaged Weezer fan who thought that the band would totally kill it, which they promptly did - albeit in a tongue-in-cheek manner that bordered on parody, especially when 'Weird Al' joined them onstage last week to lend his accordion to their live rendition of 'Africa.'

Toto, for their part, have acknowledged the tinge of irony in Weezer’s cover of their most popular song. But, not wanting to appear totally complacent, the 80s hitmakers have, in turn, covered Weezer’s stoner hit ‘Hash Pipe,’ in a move that arguably says, “Hey Weezer, y’all are old and irrelevant too!”

The studio version of the cover can be found across streaming services, but check out a live version below.



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