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Future Cannabis Classics From The Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto may be a city prized for its diversity, but every September, we divide into two clear camps: those who avoid downtown as stringently as possible, and those who flock to King St. W. to stalk celebrities.

For with the beginning of the month comes the Toronto International Film Festival, when film lovers of all ages excitedly get their fill of popcorn, lineups in the sweltering heat, and yes, the odd film.

The movies are a particularly marijuana-friendly activity, it must be said. And while just about any film (and theatre snack bar) pairs well with a side of cannabis, this year’s TIFF offers up a couple of titles that may work especially well for those purposes:

Boys In The Trees

Who doesn’t love a good coming of age tale, am I right? For those looking for a little update to the trusty Holden Caulfield story, this film from Australian director Nicholas Verso might just do the trick. It follows two young boys (Toby Wallace and Gulliver McGrath) through a ghoulish journey on All Hallow’s Eve (and yes, they smoke up). For a dash of explicit trendiness, it’s set in the nineties, and follows the two former childhood friends who were cleaved apart by social dictations as they find each other, and thereby their very own selves, once again.

King Of The Dancehall

Nick Cannon directs and stars in this film about an enterprising young man who travels from Brooklyn, N.Y. to Kingston, Jamaica in order to execute a plan to help his sick mum (played by Whoopi Goldberg). The soundtrack is punctuated by none other than Beenie Man himself, and the plan has a lot to do with cannabis, but his life once arriving in Kingston ends up being just as much about his journey learning to fit in and navigate the world of dancehall.

Banner image: Unique installation for souvenir photos in front of Roy Thomson Hall, a major venue of the 36th Toronto International Film Festival Sept 13, 2011 in Toronto, Canada, (ckchiu /


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