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Toronto Cops Face Tribunal After Allegedly Eating Weed Chocolate On Duty

Remember the story of the two Toronto cops who allegedly ate edibles on the job, and had to call for assistance? Now, more details have emerged about the specifics of the allegations.

Constables Vittorio Dominelli and Jamie Young appeared before a police misconduct tribunal today, reports the Toronto Star. According to the notice of hearing filed at the tribunal, Dominelli and Young were in plainclothes and executed a search warrant at a cannabis dispensary on January 27, 2018. Seven people inside the Community Cannabis Clinic were charged and released.

Around six hours later, the two officers finished their work related to the raid, and were reassigned to surveillance duty. It is at this time that the officers are alleged to have consumed a hazelnut chocolate bar infused with cannabis oil that had been seized from the dispensary.

Fast forward approximately two hours. The notice of hearing alleges that Dominelli placed a 10-33 call, indicating that an officer needs assistance, while Young called 911. The two officers were located and brought to separate hospitals. Meanwhile, another officer responding to the scene slipped and injured their head, and also had to be taken to hospital.

Currently, Dominelli faces four misconduct charges in front of the tribunal, while Young faces six. However, the tribunal will be put on hold while the officers face criminal charges. Each officer is charged with one count of breach of trust and attempting to obstruct justice.

The charges against the seven people from the cannabis clinic, meanwhile, have been withdrawn.


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