Can You Guess the Topping that Makes This A "Happy Pizza"?

Americans love their pizza - as of 2014, it's a 30 billion dollar-a-year industry. And it's going to get bigger if Americans adopt the so-called "happy pizza".

The pleasantly-named delicacy is really quite simple - it's a pizza infused with cannabis. It's currently only available in Cambodia - but that doesn't mean cannabis is legal there. In fact, if you're caught snacking on a 'happy pizza', you could get slapped with fines.

Still, this is a much better combo of pizza and cannabis than the "pizza pipe".


The Bankers Associations of every US state have voiced their support for allowing legal marijuana businesses access to banking services. As it stands right now, legal marijuana businesses in the US are largely banned from accessing the key banking services that nearly all legitimate business now rely on. Current federal regulations are such that if a bank does choose to work with state legal cannabis businesses, they can be prosecuted under money laundering laws for dealing with an industry that is still illegal on the federal level.

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