Top Trump Advisor Roger Stone On What Changed His Mind On Marijuana

Roger Stone is a top Republican strategist, lobbyist, and longtime advisor to Donald Trump. He's known for getting down and dirty in his lobbying, and in fact, is the subject of the popular Netflix documentary, Get Me Roger Stone, that explores the life and career of strategy and public policy. Recently however, Stone has had a change of heart on one hot-button issue in modern politics: Marijuana. 

We caught up with the charismatic speaker at this year's Politicon and asked him what he thought about medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, and how his frame of mind has changed about both throughout his career. It's an interesting journey, and one that will probably continue to change as we as a society navigate these unpredictable times. 


Many hospitals and nursing homes across the country deny patients access to medical cannabis, including those in states where medical - or even recreational - cannabis is legal. The reason? These institutions rely on Medicare and other federal subsidization for their funding.

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