Here Are The Top Halloween Costumes In America

Still not sure what to wear this Halloween? Check out Google's Frightgeist app, which analyzes trends in online searches to determine what costumes are most popular in America. So whether you want to go with the flow or swim against the tide, check out the top 11 costumes in America.

1. Harley Quinn 

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Edward Liu /

The star of Suicide Squad (2016) is also this year's top costume. Hopefully fans wear legwarmers over their fishnets in northern states.

2. Joker

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Knight725 /

And of course, Harley Quinn's beau is the runner up.

3. Superhero

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Samuel King Jr /

Not all of Google's results are specific. But if you want to stand out, a safe bet is to avoid characters from Marvel and DC comics all together.

4. Pirate

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Nathan Rupert /

After the trailer for the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out a few weeks ago, it's no surprise that people are dressing up as swashbucklers. 

5. Wonder Woman

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Nathan Rupert /

Comic book heroes continue to dominate the list with the star of D.C.'s upcoming Wonder Woman film

6. Witch

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Stephen Little /

If you want to blend in, just throw on a pointy hat this year.

7. Batman

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Nathan Rupert /

Unfortunately, Google doesn't tell us which version of Batman is popular. The grizzled caped crusader played by Ben Affleck? The brooding dark knight played by Michael Keaton? The bat-nippled version played by George Clooney? We'll have to wait for Halloween to find out.

8. Star Wars

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Josh Hallett /

With Rogue One set to premiere this December, fans are showing their enthusiasm by dressing up as their favorite characters from that galaxy far, far away. 

9. Clown

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stillwellmike /

Just don't be one of those clowns in the news

10. Mermaid

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Anime Nut /

Expect to see a lot of beached merfolk wandering around the neighborhood this year.

11. Pikachu

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Maxime FORT /

The new Halloween update of Pokémon Go has probably helped get the anime franchise on this list. Hopefully people who dress up like Pikachu don't end up being caught by overzealous fans.

Banner image: Genia Baida / 


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