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This Decade's 5 Juiciest Candidate Scandals

With the Canadian election just a month away, and primary season just around the corner in America, electioneering is already dominating North American headlines. To whet your appetite for the many controversies to come, we've put together a list of the top career-ending scandals in recent history.

Eliot Spitzer's Expensive Ring

The Scandal: In 2008, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was connected to an international prostitution ring, which he allegedly paid $80 000 for various services over 10 years.

The frown he wore while admitting his actions in public became legendary. The Twist: The Spitzer scandal made history as his resignation paved the way for David Patterson to become New York's first black Governor and the first legally blind governor in U.S. history. Unfortunately, Patterson's administration became mired in its own sex scandal later in 2008.

Rod Blagojevich's Senate Seat Sale

The Scandal: Rod Blagojevich faced allegations of abusing his power as the Governor of Illinois for years. But in 2008, he outdid himself by trying to sell the senate seat vacated by Barack Obama.

Rod Blagojevich mug shot

In 2011, he was found guilty on multiple charges of corruption, including the seat sale.

The Back Story: Blagojevich became the fourth Illinois Governor to do time in the last 40 years.

Weinergate, Parts 1 and 2

The Scandal: "Weinergate" an engrossing saga that can only be fully appreciated by viewing the full timeline. In short, Anthony Weiner- a Democratic Congressman from New York- tweeted a lewd photo in May 2011.

After initially claiming his account had been hacked, he admitted that the tweet was his own. At first, Weiner refused to resign, but when more risqué photos emerged, he relinquished his congressional seat.

The Afterward: When Weiner entered New York's mayoral race in 2013, more allegations of inappropriate behavior, including his alleged "joke" of engaging in online sexual exchanges under the alias of "Carlos Danger."

Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, decided to give her husband a second chance, but New Yorkers weren't so forgiving: Weiner finished fifth in the election.

Joy Davies' Parenting Advice

The Scandal: Joy Davies, a Liberal Party candidate in the Canadian Federal Election, came under fire after posting controversial comments on Facebook, including her belief that cannabis poses no harm to children, and that pot decreases domestic violence.

The Fallout: Davies didn't back down. Instead, she fanned the flames of controversy in an interview with The Huffington Post: "The children of the mothers who used it [cannabis] during pregnancy had higher IQs and were better socially established than the children whose mothers didn't." The next day, she announced her resignation.

Jerry Bance and Pee-Gate

The Scandal: In the same week that Davies resigned, the Conservative Party of Canada lost a candidate of its own. Jerry Bance resigned after a video clip from 2012 showed him peeing into a coffee cup at a client's house. He was a was the owner of an appliance service company at the time.

Here's the footage (WARNING: this is gross):

His contribution to the Twitterverse: The former service technician nevertheless made a mark on Canadian politics forever by creating "pee-gate" and a torrent of memes and twitter puns.

Let us know if we left your favourite political scandal off the list.

h/t Huffington Post, CBC, New York Times, CNN


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