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7 Signs You or a Friend Is Too High

While we all try to stay responsible while using cannabis, every once and awhile you may accidentally overindulge. But it can sometimes be unclear if you’ve had too much or if you’re just having a really strong experience.

Here are seven signs you or someone you know may have gotten too high:

1. Paranoia

If you suddenly start thinking there are cameras hidden throughout your apartment or that every person on the street is an undercover cop, you’ve probably consumed a bit too much.

2. Losing Track of What You’re Doing

Sometimes you might start doing something and forget what you were planning to do. But if that’s happening to you constantly while high, it’s probably time to take a breather until you can finish a task from start to finish.

3. Freezing

Somewhat going along with losing track of what you’re doing, you might suddenly get lost in your own thoughts and suddenly realize you haven’t moved or done anything for several minutes. While getting philosophical isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it probably shouldn’t prevent you from doing literally anything else.

4. Repeating Behaviors

Sort of the opposite of losing track of what you’re doing, if you keep repeating an action over and over because you forgot if you already did it, you may be too high. For instance ,if you keep leaving to see if you turned the light off in your room and you keep seeing that it’s still off.

5. Short Term Memory

If you find yourself trying to figure out what you were doing five minutes ago, it probably means you’ve gotten a little too high.

6. Cottonmouth

Pretty simple. If you have cottonmouth, it’s time to stop smoking.

7. People Know You’re Really High

While it may be a struggle for ourselves to know if we’re personally too high or not, if your friends are telling you you’re really high or too high you should probably take their word for it.


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