Tony Hawk Reveals Which Of His Awesome Video Game Soundtracks Is His Favorite

In 1999, Tony Hawk completed the first 900 degree spin trick in skateboarding history. More recently, the 50-year-old skateboarder has once again done the impossible—provided a definitive ranking of all of his excellent video game soundtracks.

For an entire generation of skateboarders and video game fans, the ‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater’ series was a great entry point into the world of punk and hip-hop, exposing a legion of preteens to the likes of The Dead Kennedys, Primus, and Run-DMC. During its 13-game reign over game genre, the soundtracks have embedded themselves into their players’ brains…But which is the best?

The man himself weighs in during a new interview from Noisey, determining which game features his personal favorites.

Oddly enough, the quality of the soundtracks seem to correlate pretty closely with the quality of the games themselves, as the much maligned 'Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5,' along with several of his smaller games rank among the worst. 

“No budget,” he said. “Few resources, and trying to do it the best we could with what we had.”

At the top of the list he put the game that set the template for all the others—the first ‘Pro Skater.’ With tracks like Speadealer’s ‘Screamer’ or Goldfinger's ‘Superman’ forever being linked with the game, its impact pathed the way for other games to have equally badass soundtracks.

Check out the full raking here.


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