The One Thing Tommy Wiseau Doesn't Like About 'The Disaster Artist'

Tommy Wiseau's 15 minutes of fame are getting extended to just under two hours. That's the runtime of 'The Disaster Artist,' a biographical drama about the mercurial actor/writer/director's 2003 movie 'The Room.' A cult classic that is so delightfully terrible that it's been called the "the Citizen Kane of bad movies.”

And Wiseau fully supports the spoof - well, he gives it 99 percent support, actually. There's one thing he doesn't like about James Franco's portrayal of him.

"The way he throw the football," Wiseau recently told The Los Angeles Times. And that's a big deal since throwing around the pigskin features prominently (for no apparent reason) in 'The Room.' For example...

But Franco, who sat beside Wiseau for the interview, took the criticism in stride.

"Tommy grew up all-American guy throwing football," Franco explained, imitating Wiseau's idiosyncratic accent. "And he don't think I throw it well."

But Wiseau - who makes a cameo in the movie - says he still supports the film despite that football flub. "They did excellent job, so I don't have to complain about anything actually."

Check out the rest of the interview, which includes comments from 'Disaster Artist' co-star Dave Franco and Greg Sestero, who played Mark in 'The Room.'

banner: Tommy Wiseau (flickr)


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